How to make oven roasted tomatoes

How to make oven roasted tomatoes

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Get ingredients ready :)

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees or 300 degrees, depending on your oven.

Make sure to wash your tomatoes, especially if they are homegrown !

You are going to cut of this end of the tomatoe and discard it.

With each tomatoe, slice them into 1/2 an inch slices. Not too thin, but not too thick either, or they will burn easily, or take longer to cook.

*Lightly coat the pan with olive oil* Place the tomatoes on a baking sheet.

Add 1/2 a TSP of oil to each tomatoe.

Add 1/2 a TSP of basil to each tomatoe.

Sprinkle some salt on the tomatoes.

Place the tomatoes in the oven, in the center, on the middle rack, and let them back for 30-45 min.

Once they are done, you will see how they will start to dry out around the edges, but are still moist in the center.

Take a wooden spatula, or any thin spatula you have, and carefully lift each tomatoe, and flip them over. "Side 1"

"Side 2" Some may not want to -.- but eventually will.

Put them back in the oven, and let them bake for another 25-35 min.

Viola ! :D Oven Roasted Tomatoes !

You can add these tomatoes to any type of salad, sandwich or pasta. You can look at how I made my Garlic & Olive Oil Pasta, and see how I used them ^^ ENJOY !

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