How to tattoo your tights

How to tattoo your tights

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Here are my supplies. The image I've chosen is a traditional tattoo swallow from a vintage tattoo book I own. I'm using the sleeve to protect the page as I trace.

If you have an image on a sheet of paper you don't mind drawing on, you could use a rolled up news paper wrapped in your image secured with a rubber band.

My book rolled up inside the sleeve.

Taking care not to snag the nylon, gather your tights toward the toe and carefully stretch over the image.

I want the image on the outside ankle I position the image where this is on the stocking.

Using a sharpie,I traced over the swallow outlining it first then colouring it in.

Leave to dry COMPLETLY ( about ten minutes ) then ease the stocking off the roll .

My 'tattoo'

All done! The key is a real tattoo, it shows how effective they are! The nearer to your skin colour the nylons are, the better this will look.

Thanks for viewing ! Xx

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