How to draw flame princess

How to draw flame princess

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Start with a diamond shape.

Add a smaller diamond inside of it.

Add lines in each corner.

Add her head.

Her very much detailed face.

Her "bangs" Make one slightly longer than the other.

Now start her hair. Go a little ways and flare out for a fire effect.

Add a few little spikes at the top.

Now start the other side.

Add two little flares on one side.

Add some flames.

Start her shoulders and arms.


Start her body.

Add another diamond like the one on her head and her straps. Make the straps meet the diamond in the middle, so the top half of the diamond isn't touching the straps.

Make sort of a downward facing arrow.

Add a line and stop where her dress starts to poof.

Draw the rest of her dress.

Erase where any lines shoudn't be.


Color. (Sorry for the sideways picture)

And you're done!

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