How to cook chicken alfredo

How to cook chicken alfredo

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Cut up your pepper, you can also use red or yellow pepper .

With a potato peeler peel the carrot. Then cut the long slim carrot slices in half. Mine are pretty thick because I did it with a knife.

Wash your chicken breast and take off any fat. Cut into small pieces and season ( I used pepper,italian seasoning,garlic salt, & oregano). Now its ready to be cooked.

Boil some water for your pasta. Throw in a pinch of salt and little tab of oil so your pasta won't stick.

When your chicken is fully cooked drain the juice. Add your carrots and peppers.

When you see the water boil turn it to medium and add your pasta. You can add any type of pasta. I think the bigger the better because it holds more of the Alfredo sauce:)

When your pasta is close to done add 1 Alfredo can to the chicken and turn on stove on low-medium.

When pasta is done drain and add to chicken then add your 2nd can of Alfredo sauce and your done! (The boyfriend loves broccoli so I added some)

I like adding some sriracha to give it some spice. Enjoy!

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