How to pour~serve wine with nekapnica® winepourer

How to pour~serve wine with nekapnica® winepourer

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Prepare all of the things you need to enjoy in every drop of your favorite wine. (Nekapnica® winepourer, bottle of wine, wine glass, corkscrew and white glove-optional)

Cut the folia on the top of the wine bottle and use your corkscrew to take the cork out of the bottle...

This is the preview of bottle of wine with the cork out :) (we know that you probably know how that looks and what feeling wakes up in you)...

Take the Nekapnica® winepourer packaging, open it and take out the Nekapnica®...

Roll the Nekapnica® winepourer...

And put it in the bottle...

This is how it should look :)...classy and elegant isn't it?

Than take the bottle of wine with Nekapnica® winepourer in it and serve the wine without the fear that you will waste a single drop, make a mess or stain your tablecloth... :)

And the last step is to enjoy your favorite wine. :) cheers

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