How to use seeds from fresh fruits :)

How to use seeds from fresh fruits :)

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These are from fruits from everyday that I eat. Some I throw into a potted mix.

Lemon and lime :) I won't know till they grow up!

It's so much fun to get surprises :) I totally forgot about this avocado seed! Been delighted since it shown up. I put it in....long long ago! Along with tulip and something else coming up as well :)

This one has tomatoes, avocados, mandarins and other stuff... That's a few I remember. They make great gifts for friends with similar gardening interests. Besides I love the surprises!!

Of course there are too many seeds, so I get all excited when it rains. I go for a walk with my big umbrella and seeds. I dig holes in few places and throw in the seeds.

Because I'm always travelling and moving around I will probably see only few of them. But I feel really nice thinking that some of them might grow up someday and bear fruits and give shade too :)

So give it a try and let me know! Cheers :)

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