How to make a minecraft cottage

How to make a minecraft cottage

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Hi, if you haven't already please check out my other guides!

This is one of my favourite houses in minecraft, i have built it in SURVIVAL mode a lot

Because the top floor and roof are made from half slabs and stairs (transparent blocks), it means that during day the sunlight passes right through to give it an even better light!

I will be doing this tutorial in layers, if you like it that way then say so, the same for if you dont... Enjoy!

First clear out an 11x8 area for the house

The 1st layer is flush with the ground

2nd layer, the furthest door is NOT placed in the corner block, you stand in the corner block to place it

3rd layer continue the wall, fencepost and place the windows and torches

4rth layer Build up the wall, staircase and add a hood for the furnaces

5th layer, border the wall with logs, add a HALF SLAB floor and begin the roof with steps

6th layer, add more to the roof, begin the side windows and start building the frame of the front window

7th layer, add to the walls, roof, side and front windows. Make sure you do the stairs for the front window right, they're tricky. Add torches too!

8th layer, cap off the side windows, continue roof and yet again, look out for the front window's roof!

9th and final layer, cap the roof. Cap off the front window with HALF SLABS

Nice front view with annoying hotbar in the way!

Crafting area

Nice big upstairs for some beds/chests

And you can always order some new furniture!

Hope you enjoyed this house, if you have built it then please leave a comment and also say how 'building by layers' was, thanks!

Watch the video: aesthetic fairy cottagecore cottage. minecraft speed build