How to cook veggie thai green curry soup

How to cook veggie thai green curry soup

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Be creative! You can use different veggies, add vermicelli noodles, rice, even chicken, or shrimp! The sky's the limit.

Wash cilantro, take leaves off of stalks and set aside. Chop stocks as fine as possible.

Chop all of the aromatics. Ginger, cilantro stalks, onions, and garlic. We will put the garlic in last so it won't burn and taste bitter.

Chop zucchini, tomato, tofu. Cut broccoli into florets. Halve your limes.

I used coconut oil but you can use olive, canola, or Veggie oil. Turn heat to med high and add the oil.

Add aromatics (onion,cilantro stalks, ginger) to hot oil. We are going to add the garlic later. Make sure the veg sizzle when they hit the pan. Don't forget to season with salt & pepper cook 5 min

Add broccoli and stir

Add zucchini

Finally, now you can add the garlic. Cook only until you can smell the garlic. 2 min.

See all the amazing brown bits at the bottoms of the pan? That's GOLD! Add chicken stock to deglaze the pan.

Scrape the brown bits in the pan so they dissolve completely. This is what will make your dish awesome.

Now add the chickpeas and tofu

Add the coconut milk

Take half a lime and squeeze it into the dish. I use a fork because it helps extract all the juice.

Add soy sauce.

Add a small amount of cilantro and stir.

Add the box of chicken stock.

Taste and add salt and pepper if needed. Turn heat up to high. When it reaches a boil turn down to med- low. Cook for 10-15 min

Pour into a nice bowl and add your chopped tomato

Add some cilantro and some lime juice.

There you have an awesome Thai Green Curry Soup.

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