How to create a feature out of your fairy lights

How to create a feature out of your fairy lights

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I hate when it's time to pack away our Christmas lights so I decided to keep them as a feature in my living room so I can enjoy them all year long! I'm using a gothic style frame and my tree lights.

This frame used to house glass tea light holders and opens up into three sections. I'm leaving the holders on the frame for now, I might want to use it for candles again at some point.

I start by feeding the whole strand through the first hole. Choose the bottom most corner In the side you'll plug it in. This keeps the wire as low and un noticeable as possible.

Not a brilliant picture sorry! But here Ive tied black thread around the frame and wire securing it. Snip off any excess all the lights are through leaving the plug side of the cable free.

It's a tedious job but I wound the lights around the frame. You can fasten the light on with thread, wire or cable ties too, my lights were really long so it was a way of using up the length.

I looped them across the tops of the arches first.

Tops done, and now I go down the far side to the bottom.

Then I loop it across the bottom of the frame to where I tied the thread.

I then went across all three parts In a zig zag from the top to bottom on the inside part of the frame.

I finished the mid section and had some wire left so I just looped it back across the top and secured the end with another bit if black thread.


I put this in my fire place.i never use the fire so they'll be safe and I can still have light coming from it at night :)

Really cosy! You have the twinkle option on it too ( if your lights have them!) . You can use your lights on anything, draped around twigs in a vase, in a glass bowl , around curtain poles ect..

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial ;)

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