How to make a polymer clay sponge cake

How to make a polymer clay sponge cake

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Condition your clay by kneading and working it through your hands

All done!

Cut your brown into two halves

Roll the halves into equal sized balls

Flatten the ball into equal sized discs....

Until they are the same size

Roll out some dark red and white clay, I ran out of white so I used glow in the dark

Use a brown disc to cut out discs of red and white clay

Use the first disc to cut the second

Roll the brown discs gently so they have flatter sides

Press the jam layer onto one of the cake layers, press to remove air bubbles

Repeat with the cream layer

Press the second cake layer on top


And press to create a smooth cake on all sides

Roll a thin strip of brown clay

Wrap it around the cake

Trim the end

Using your finger smooth out the strip to blend in with the cake

All smooth, mine was a slightly different colour than the cake but this won't be seen

Break of a bit of black clay and put it in the freezer until it is hard

This will make it easy to cut it into smaller pieces

Keep going

And going until it is in small pieces like this

Spread some bake and bond or tls over the sides of the cake in a thin layer

Press the black clay crumbs over the sticky sides

Make some clay icing using clay and bake and bond or tls until smooth

Spread it over the top of the cake

Cut some slices out of your cake

Using a needle or an X-acto knife to to create texture inside of the cake by swirling your tool in small motions, don't swirl between layers or they will merge, don't texture the jam and cream.

Cut your crumbs even finer

Place them where the centre of the cake would join together

Using dark red clay to make a small tear drop shape

Use a pin to make some spots to resemble seeds

Cover the cake in strawberries

Insert an eyepin to make it a charm

Cook your cake in the oven using the instructions on your clay wrapper

If your like me watch some Bones while it cooking

Use these techniques to make all sorts of cakes

Comment to suggest more tutorials. Thanks for watching!

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