How to cook wonderful easy garlic butter naan

How to cook wonderful easy garlic butter naan

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You definitely need a cutting board.

This is a grill pan. If you don't have one you can use a real grill or regular pan.

This KitchenAid is my Christmas present. You don't need one but I use it all the time.

Some more tools include a rolling pin, a sharp knife, a dry measuring cup, a wet measure cup, and a food brush.

To begin measure 1 cup of warm water. I usually use hot water from the sink and not boiling water. Remember the yeast is alive, you don't want to kill it.

Pour the hot water into a mixing bowl.

Now on top sprinkle your active dry yeast.

Peer over the side of the bowl and this is what you will see.

Set your timer for 10 minutes.

After even a couple of minutes your yeast is doing funky stuff.

To be fancy, I measured out my sugar, salt, and milk. I recommend that you do the same during the time it takes your yeast to foam. In a bizarre time warp here you see my unopened yeast as well.

I like to use this bowl to measure the flour because I can bend it as I slowly add it to the wet mixture. You'll see.

About 4 cups is just fine.

Little ducks in a row.

Beat an egg.

This is your yeast after 10 minutes.

I'm attaching the handy dough hook that came with my Christmas KitchenAid. If you don't have this don't worry.

So far I've added the salt, sugar, milk, and don't forget your egg as I had.

Slowly add the flour, about half, to the wet mixture. Without a stand mixer, just use your hands.


Smell your dough. Note the texture. Become familiar. Acquaint.

You can see that after a couple of minutes, the dough has formed a ball.

I let the dough slowly knead for about six minutes. However, trust your instincts.

Remove the dough from the bowl, and spray the inside with Pam or use vegetable oil.

Replace the dough.

Here I am wetting a thin cloth towel to place over the dough in order for it to rise.

Place the towel over the bowl, and leave for about one hour.

I always set a timer, otherwise I forget.

If you get hungry, eat some Madagascar three style Kraft macaroni and cheese dinner. Waiting for dough to rise takes forever.

Again, wait patiently.

Unlike the magic of television cooking, some producer doesn't wash my dishes. I recommend washing your dishes as you go, so that you can enjoy your food at the end. This gets messy.

In the meantime chop some garlic.

Line a cookie sheet with tinfoil.

Spray it with some Pam. Set it aside.

Finally, the dough has risen. After one hour reveal it to the world.

Take your chopped garlic and spread it across the dough. Next, you will knead the garlic into the dough.

Knead. Like 10 times.


Single file ladies.

Oh man. Here they come.

Not so fast. Cover with a damp cloth for another 30 minutes. Pity.

Set a timer.

In the meantime, grab some more flour. We are going to paint the town white.

Start with the cutting board.

Surprise! It's been 30 minutes. They are ready.

Abduct one and place it on your board.

Make sure to flour your rolling pin as well.

Roll it out. And what not.

Usually, trying to roll from the inside outward in all directions. Roll them all.

Time to heat up your grill pan. We are going for high heat.

In the microwave, I'm going to melt some butter. You may need more so be generous.

Butter is melted. Now apply to one side of your Naan.

Slather it on!

Place gingerly on your hot skillet. Butter side down.

Hell, place two.

To simulate a hot grill, place a large lid on top.

Set your timer for three minutes.

These are your Naan after about 1 1/2 minutes. Halfway through cooking, slather the undercooked sides with butter.

Like so. Jaw dropping, yes.

Flip. Cook.

Stack. Repeat.


Serve with curry or any other delicious saucy food. We discovered that either rice or bread would have been better than both. Enjoy!!

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