How to make honey glazed chicken in the slow cooker

How to make honey glazed chicken in the slow cooker

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Part of the ingredients, see tab for quantity and the rest of what to use⬇

Mix the soy sauce with honey, minced garlic, olive oil, chilli powder, oyster sauce and ketchup. Set aside.

Use whole chickens, you get more meat for your money. Start cutting it up along side the chest bone. Then cut along one side of the spine, splitting the bird in two parts

Cut of the thigh by cutting down to the bone

Find the joint and cut the thigh off there, this way you don't get splinters of bone.


Upper thigh

Drumstick and middle of the thigh. Again cut in the joint.

Cut the spine of.

Your knife needs to be sharp.

Wing. Cut the tip of and add that bit to the bones.

Joint at the tip of the wing

Clean cut with no bone splinters.

Cut the wing off the side of the bird, cut in the joint. You can see the joint where I have cut thru the skin.

If you imagine this is an arm then this is the under and over arm. Cut in the joint.

Bend the joint the " wrong " way and cut from that side.

Wing cut in two.

Cut the breast in two.

Remove the breast bone using your fingers.

Sorry the focus is on the knife and not on the breast bone.

All the bones and the wingtips is going in the pot to become chicken stock for another meal.

Your chicken should now look like this. You can remove the skin if you like.

Cut the other chicken in the same way and put all the pieces in the crock pot.

Dice your onion and put it on top of the chicken. If you leave the top of the onion on before chopping it, it is easier to handle.

Add the sauce.

Cook on low for 4 hours. Stir one or two times.

Remove the chicken pieces after 4 hours and strain the sauce into a pot. Reduce a bit and add cornstarch if you want a thicker sauce. Add salt if nessesery. Serve with rice and your favoured salad.

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