How to organise an a level folder

How to organise an a level folder

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Buy a folder and make it personal with stickers and names etc!

Add the names of your teachers and give them a colour each. Group the names together with any other teachers that teach the same subject!

Buy a small A5 folder and hole punch it! This will give you lots of space to add important pieces of paper that u can't file away like cue cards! Add more folders if u have more things to put away!

U can even put in Pens and your calculator into your folder!

Buy stickers and chose wht they will mean! Works a treat!

In my case the red stickers mean that I have to rewrite the notes for the day! Maybe coz I didn't write them properly! :P

Make sure u have a good pad to write your notes on for everyday! Makes me motivated!

Here I have a blue sticker.

Now u can be peaceful and concentrate on your subjects! Instead of other things! :)

Having a ruler with holes in them help u not to break your ruler and not to have any scratches on them!! I bought this one from whsmith!

First of all having one big folder for all your notes is better as u can have all the notes needed for the day without forgetting one at home! Will also lighten your bag!

You might not have all of your subjects on one day...BUT when u have your free periods u can still revise any subject without having to revise the subject of the folder u only or already have!

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